Elephant Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The elephant tattoos are not that common and they have a particular novel charm and beauty that makes them special.

They also have a symbolism to be a back up like nobility, wisdom and strength. But the elephants are viewed as a charm for good fortune and luck.

Massive elephant back tattoo

Elephant tattoos may be realistic or may tend to be like a cartoon which seems to be the most preferred style.

Generally these features tend to be overstated like the ears, trunks and tusks and they often have long eyelashes and such a childlike appearance.

They are seen in not so ordinary situations. For instance, they are being laid in the pin up model’s lap or the fairy’s or the tattoo wearer’s lap or being led on a leash.

Elephant puzzle tattoo

There are more versions that are realistic displays the elephant in a more detailed version always displaying each line in the thick skin of the elephant.

They are always displayed in their natural habitat, at times splashing water playfully or standing in a field or they are shown running or fighting each other.

Elephant and mandala tattoo

There are more fascinating elephant tattoos styles that present Indian designs.

Throughout Asia or in India in particular, the elephants are considered very high in status.

Elephant and other animals tattoo

For instance, this is the god Ganesh who is presented always in architecture and art.

You may display the elephant in the style of a portrait with face and trunk that are painted elaborately, elegant silks over the back and beautiful jewels wrapped around the fat legs.

Elephant drawing tattoo

You may also form a more artistic portrayal and display the same appearance like the fading red paint, or yellow or orange or even the pale blue paints.

Such elephant may have an outline that is very rounded.

Elephant family tattoo

You may also form something the same with a tile work elephant. These are done in milder tones with details in the background.

But the elephant’s image will still remain the same as a whole.

Hindu elephant tattoo

Some of the elephant tattoos present the elephant’s outline only.

The whole body may be shown or it may present a more destructive version with the swinging head up in the air.

You may include also finer details in the elephant’s frame.

For instance you may show the pieces of the clock within the elephant or you may present small gems, or flowers or the skeleton beside the body.

Elephant with flowers tattoo

Even if the elephant tattoos are one of the designs that are not much used, you are ensured that this will not lack style, charm or even the symbolic meaning.