Evil Tattoo Ideas & Designs

It is difficult to decipher what makes a particular tattoo bad.

However many people prefer to incorporate the designs that some view as frightening or wicked.

Evil tattoo ideas

The evil tattoos are always intended to present a particular mischief in the personality of the tattoo wearer.

They may also present for the darker side of life’s passion or the prying of sinister things that surrounds us.

Evil cat arm tattoo

There are many evil tattoos portraying the creature that most of the people connect with wickedness.

These are the demons or devils in the style of a cartoon or looks like woodblock, skeletons, werewolves and vampires that look angry, and at times the ghouls, ghosts and banshees will appear in this art type.

Evil back tattoo

It is unique to view the evil tattoos of these creatures without a specific scene.

Some examples would be the devil enticing the innocent people to commit a sin or werewolves prying the streets during at night or ghosts frightening a living person.

Evil hand tattoo

Some of the people prefer to display the dual combination of both evil and good in their evil tattoos.

Greater number of pieces presents an angel on one side.

At times these appear on the legs, or arms or either side of the back of the wearer.

Another side shows the demon which is done with pin up models in cartoon style.

Evil horror movie tattoo

But some of the people also prefer to gather images from the old Renaissance period or at times from the Victorian paintings.

An interesting idea for this art piece is to make the demon and angel as one being wherein one side portraying light with white wings and the other side being dark with veiny, leathery wings.

Evil sleeve tattoo

Some of the evil tattoos contain a frightening creature socializing with the wearer.

These images has an threatening raven found on top of the shoulder of the tattoo wearer, a vampire with fangs pressed into the neck of the wearer or a doppelganger getting away from the skin of the tattoo wearer.

Evil man tattoo

Some of the people prefer to have simple evil tattoos and utilize the word itself.

These are often done in big bold fonts and are at times bounded by other paraphernalia like bat wings enclosing the word or devil horns arising from the top or a pointed tail or forked tongue growing over the ‘L’.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil tattoo

Even if there are many people who prefer to maintain their body art airy and light, other people like the darker themes.

The evil tattoos may contain some humor touch however they are often intended to convey the tattoo wearer’s darkness and the darkness of the surroundings.