Fantasy Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The fantasy tattoos may mean a fascination or relationship between the feelings of the tattoo wearer with the mystical world.

It may also present a sensuality twist as most of the depicted figures are not of this world.

But they are shaped always in the idealism of the earthly beauty.

Fantasy world legs tattoo

One of the old fantasy tattoos presents the warriors’ versions like the sexy women and men with muscles who are dressed scantily but ready for battle.

Such overstated figures are always creatures of fiction like fairies and elves.

They are normally set in a scene in a dreamlike forest or waiting at the door of the medieval castle.

Mysterious warrior tattoo

But the fantasy tattoos have plenty of imagery to select from.

The fairies and wizards are the two ordinary images in this field.

The wizard’s face that threatens over an ancient city or a tiny fairy relaxing in a garden that is lit by stars is two of the very possible interesting ideas.

Colourful fantasy full sleeve tattoo

Another is making use of images from multiple fantasies to be able to form a scene.

Making use of the big body area, like the back, you may invent a detailed hamlet with centaurs going around the streets, dragons flying in the air, and elves dancing within the forests and mermaids lounging in the ocean.

Fantasy world on full sleeve tattoo

One more fabulous fantasy tattoo figure is the genie.

The genie from the stories of The Arabian Nights is one of the most well-known genie image.

Most of the genies are viewed as dark and strong figures with such threatening grins.

Wizard tattoo

They are usually displayed going out of a small lamp.

Other genie versions portray a more peaceful and with more humor genie.

These are usually done in light blue shades or even mint green or lavender and may be viewed with legs that are crossed in mid-air with a smile or in meditation.

Futuristic fantasy tattoo

Fantasy tattoos present also many figures like an animal. Two of the good examples are the unicorn and the Pegasus.

The Pegasus who shows a set of wings that are like a bird may be portrayed as flying from one body part to another part.

Unicorn tattoo

There are many people who prefer to make use of things like flames or rainbows to follow behind the flying Pegasus. The unicorn may be done in a normal setting that is on top of a green and flowered hill and peacefully grazing with its horn that is spiraled protruding from the forehead.

Castle tattoo

Fantasy tattoos are such a great method to display not only the fascination with the stories and myths in backing up such different images but by making something not so believable from it.

You will present to the world your wonderful creativity.