Feather Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The feather tattoos are ordinarily presenting the designs of the Native American or in wings form.

But such ascension symbols and freedom of spirit as well as truth may have various styles. There are styles that bear a meaning of their own.

Native American feather tattoo

Feather tattoos are simple and present a big feather spread on the back or even up on the leg’s side or even the arm’s side.

Celtic Druids always have heavy robes that are wrapped in feathers.

Feather neck tattoo

Each of the colour bears its own meaning: orange means energy, red means passion and courage, purple means power, and yellow means eloquence and intellect.

Feathers head tattoo

In Christianity, the pictures of three feathers that are attached at the bottom symbolize the virtues of hope, faith and charity combined together.

Peacock feather foot tattoo

These virtues were usually displayed as silver signets.

The gorgeous design that looks like the eye found on the tail feathers of a peacock was said to be both good and bad luck.

Some of the people have connected it with the evil eye while other people consider it as a protection symbol as the eyes are cautious for them.

Watercolour feather tattoo

These feather tattoos may be used as one feather or even a fan.

The tail feathers may be spread all over the back’s base to be able to form a detailed presentation.

The feather tattoos may present many other symbols too.

The feather may be located with flowers and a pearl necklace covering it to be able to symbolize delicacy or even prepare for writing a meaningful poem.

Feather with geometrical shapes tattoo

They are usually located in armbands, or among the dream catchers or shaped into stars or hearts.

It is interesting to put feathers in the eyelashes and the hair of a female figure that looks exotic or maybe form the whole person’s image out of objects.

Feather and birds tattoo

There are many feather tattoos intended to convey the freedom feeling or a specific heritage pride. But they may form a meaningful even if simple image or even a broad design that will be able to attract attention.

Artistic take on feather tattoo