Feminine Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Feminity may signify various things to many people and is a particular softness.

To other people it may signify the quality of style and female elegance; to others it may have a modern signification of power and strength.

Feminine tattoos are portrayed artistically of both the firmness and delicacy that goes together with any art body piece.

Geisha tattoo

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the beauty of the feminine tattoos in terms of their significance and symbolism.

The hearts, the flowers and the small creatures like the ladybugs and butterflies are all very well-known in feminine tattoos because they are delicate and contain very deep meaning.

Flowers tattoo

There seems to be a pattern for the placement of these designs.

Some of the well loved areas are around or below the bellybutton and located on a shoulder squarely.It is ordinary to view the feminine tattoos that portray wings or birds.

These are intended to express female empowerment while upholding the charm of a girl.

Fairy tattoo

Generally the design of a wing is big and may cover both the shoulder and most part of the upper back.

They are viewed at times as a small version and located on the wrists or ankles.

Bird tattoo

Even if the white wings are broad and have many feathers like on an angel or a dove are loved in this style, it is common to see colours that are bolder or the wings of a butterfly.

An idea would be to form a detailed butterfly wing with eyes.

This may easily be utilized as an emblem of freedom and protection.

Ladybug tattoo

There are many feminine tattoos that present figures like the geishas, fairies and even the angels.

Fairy tattoos present the image of a creature with long limbs and big wings either flying or just relaxing along the back or arm of the tattoo wearer.

Rose tattoo

Geisha tattoos are bigger and more colourful.

Such image is done on a regular basis in an old style of woodblock.

But the image may be revised to form an image of a more seductive pin up model.

Butterfly tattoo

Some of the feminine tattoos are simpler and such designs always present flowing, soft patterns beside the symbols like the vines and stars.

Names or quotes that are relevant to the tattoo wearer may also be shown.

Best friends tattoo

Whether the symbol is small or big, or a power or sweetness symbol, feminine tattoos expresses many ideas, attitudes and emotions.