Fire Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Fire has a double nature and may assist in maintaining life by lighting a path that is dark, keeping life warm and defending the person who may control it.

It may also be dangerous altogether.

Church fire tattoo

There are many people who make use of fire as a duality symbol.

They utilize it to convey transformation and passion.

The fire tattoos are usually utilized as an instrument to exhibit such feelings.

Phoenix tattoo

Even if the fire tattoos contains many symbols, fire may make just fabulous designs.

There are many big styles.

For instance, there is a shoulder plate of flames using the type of a fireball.

Dinosaurs on fire tattoo

One more great idea is to form a circular or square mosaic of different heat shades like white, blue, red, and orange flames.

It is possible to have a fire trail covering the whole body. Some people prefer to utilize armbands presenting flames covering the upper arm.

Snake and fire tattoo

It is an extraordinary idea to use some of the earliest fire depictions.

Some of the paintings done earlier were located in caves and images of the elements were depicted then.

A sort of novelty may be created to your piece.

Forest fire tattoo

The people like to use always fire tattoos that portray more than the flames.

Such tattoos may have different meanings and fire is incorporated to convey such strong feelings for the other symbols.

Fire tattoo ideas

For example, the flames are displayed on a regular basis covering the heart. This may signify a passionate love or a passion of religious devotion.

Fire arm tattoo

Phoenix is another good example of utilizing fire next to symbology which is a likeable design for the people who went through a traumatic experience and who feel that they were reborn because of the experience. Such creature is portrayed regularly in a conflagration state.

Fantasy fire tattoo

Fire tattoos are ways to convey fervor, strength and sensuality.

Your passions will really last as long as your art does by utilizing the design as a reminder.