Firefighter Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are many types of firefighter tattoos and they always represent a passion of the fireman for fighting fires and symbolize the courage of a fireman and adventure.

It also reminds the firefighters of the period with other firemen who died during the fire.

Firefighter tattoo

Here are some symbols of the firefighter tattoos:

  • Fire company emblem – Each fire department has their own symbol which includes the symbol, the motto, the shield and the insignia of the city which is a perfect option for design for the firefighter tattoos.
Firefighter shoulder tattoo
  • Symbols manifesting protection and hope – Examples are angel wings covering the firemen, a saint inspecting the rescued and the fireman or the eagle with wings around the fire.
Firefighter in memory tattoo
  • Symbols of the defiance or danger of death – Examples are skulls, demons, breathing fire dragons encircling the firefighters, or person brought out of hell.
Saint Florian tattoo
  • St. Florian symbol – Saint Florian is the firefighters’ patron saint. Based on a legend, Saint Florian was a Christian and that is the reason he was fated to die. The soldiers told Saint Florian that he was to be burned alive and he replied with “I will climb up to heaven on the flames.” The work of Saint Florian includes the establishment of a fire brigade and was rumored that he stopped a fire by making use of just one bucket of water.
Colourful firefighter tattoo
  • Maltese Cross – Some shields of the fire department have the Maltese cross that was used by the knights who fought off the fire courageously. Some of the knights put their lives in danger to be able to save their fellow knights. Such knights came from the island in the Mediterranean, the Malta.
Firefighter arm light tattoo
  • Celtic firefighter tattoos – Examples are the shamrocks or the leprechauns with the symbol of a firehouse.
Firefighter emblem tattoo
  • Religious – Some of the tattoos of the firefighter bear the religious symbols symbolizing the religious beliefs of the firemen and God. Comfort and protectiveness may be established while performing one of the most hazardous works worldwide.
  • Memorial tattoos – Some firefighter tattoos are monuments of the firefights who died in the line of duty. For instance, a fireman may select a memorial tattoo with the Maltese cross symbol and the quantity of men who died trying to save others during the 9/11 attack. Other examples may include the names and the dates of the firemen and the people who died protecting other people.
Firefighter helmet and mask tattoo
  • Firefighting scenes – Some of the firefighter tattoos may present firefighter scenes fighting fire using a hose thus rescuing people from a building that is burning or a helmet with a fire covering it.
  • Firemen portraits – An example is the portrait of a famous fireman fighting fire or bringing people to safety using their arms.