Fish Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The fish image bears many meanings and really depends on the setting.

Ichthus has been utilized as a Christianity symbol while the koi fish image is a courage symbol and of masculinity.

Shark tattoo

The god Ea was a combination of a goat and a fish and was the god of magic, wisdom and creativity. He became later the Capricorn symbol.

These are just a few examples to display the variety of available symbols to be used in fish tattoos.

Geometric fish tattoo

It is tempting to be within the vicinity of the deeper meaning of fish tattoos.

But the big amount of available fish may enable you to decide on another thing. Some more interesting examples may be the Discus fish and the Betta fish.

The Betta fish or called the Siamese fighting fish are regarded as a bit aggressive and most usually kept in tanks.

Fish back tattoo

These beautiful fishes may symbolize a person who believes to be a loner. The Betta fish comes in many colours like green and blue as the most common colour.

Fish on tree tattoo

Turquoise, red and white is also seen; they are regarded for their long fins that are like a banner wherein they blow out as a courtship sign or as a threat.

Fish foot tattoo

The fish tattoos presenting the Discus may be converted to a sensitive and peaceful person.

Such fishes are round and large and have brown, green and orange patterns all over their faces and bodies.

Chinese fish tattoo

The fish tattoos usually present many myths and spiritual beliefs that the fish usually stars in.

The Greek myth of Aphrodite hurled herself to the ocean where she became a fish and the Vishnu in the form of a fish and directing the boat of king Manu to safety are two of the fabulous examples.

Colourful fish tattoo

An idea based on the belief of the Native American is that the fish delves into the human psyche depths.

You may utilize a simple figure in the anatomical sense of the brain and the head and portray a fish that is either small or with a long body.

Fish yin and yang tattoo

Even if the fish tattoos are utilized ordinarily for their meaning, there is really something to be said for their different colourful and graceful appearance.