Flag Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The flag tattoos may bear a powerful meaning to the tattoo wearers and they also indicate pride that is pride in the family and homeland and pride in the heritage.

Black and white American flag tattoo

Flag tattoos may symbolize the pride in the identity and alliances of a person.

For example gay and lesbian flags are well-known together with religious and anarchy symbols.

Canadian flag tattoo

Even if there are many flag tattoos are simple and will portray the national design of their countries, some of the people like to utilize a version that is more stylized.

For example, a specific country’s outline is filled in with the colours of the flag.

Jamaican flag tattoo

Some of the flags may be portrayed as proudly flapping in the wind while others display a flag version that is more vintage looking and more faded.

You may also prefer to have details relevant to your own country.

Argentine flag tattoo

For example, the American flag may be coloured to the eagle’s outstretched wings.

Union Jack tattoo

For those people who prefer to express pride in many life’s aspects, forming a combination of flag tattoos may be a creative and unique procedure.

Even if you may put a simple flag on top of one another, you may be able to interconnect them.

Brazilian flag tattoo

For example, making use of the lettering that is looking for names or word that is relevant to you and letters will be filled in making use of your flag’s colours.

American flag full sleeve tattoo

A morphed flag may also be created wherein each individual piece combines into the other.

American flag shoulder and chest tattoo

The flag tattoos for many people may be a reminder of their lives in an emotional way and the change that were made and the distinguishable relation with their homeland.

As a matter of fact, it may be inspiring for those who may see what you are wearing.