Flower and Butterfly Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The flower and butterfly tattoos both have the most vivid, distinctive and imaginative designs.

The flower and butterfly tattoos also have such emotional and powerful meanings among the people who have tattoos of flower and butterfly or those people searching for a combination of the two designs together as one.

Black and white butterfly with flowery wing tattoo

Here is an overview of both the flower and butterfly tattoos and also check on what they intend to represent and the process of incorporation into one tattoo design.

Butterflies and flowers back tattoo

The butterfly tattoo has many implications that are depending on the consulted culture, one of the most ordinary themes for this creature is dreams.

To some people, the butterfly is the dreaming self while to others this is the dream itself.

The butterfly is always viewed as a strong, delicate and elusive and moving creature.

Two flowery butterflies tattoos

For the women and most especially if you are getting your very first tattoo, the butterfly tend to be a visible independence declaration that is indeed newly founded.

Butterfly collecting flowers tattoo

There is a most recent survey saying that the butterfly is the most selected tattoo among the recently divorced or separated women.

The colour is dependent on the butterfly’s style and the taste of the person having a tattoo.

Another butterfly with flowery wing tattoo

Flowers signify various things depending on the colour and style.

Roses bear many meanings for the various colours.

The colour pink symbolizes new and delicate love and red colour is for passion.

Colourful butterflies and flowers tattoo

Yellow colour means apology or friendship and white signifies purity.

Such same colours may be applied for a tattoo and even be adapted to fit the situation. Roses are the most common and are not the only flower portrayed in tattoos.

The tattoo artists may portray almost anything located in nature or anything that is thought of in your mind.

Realistic butterfly and flower tattoo

Most of the people do not imagine the butterflies without the flowers and also consent that the flowers are more visually appealing with one butterfly or two snuggled among them.

There are legends that came about regarding the meaning of some flowers with particular butterflies like in this example.

Butterfly with rose wing tattoo

The black and orange Monarch butterfly is a representation of dignity, which is the black rose of death.

The story relates that if you ever obtain a Monarch butterfly tattoo that is wavering away from the black rose, it declares the end of a relationship and comeback of dignity.