Flower Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The flower tattoos may be feminine, beautiful and bears many meanings.

For example, the Lilly is the purity symbol and to some people it means erotic love, while the lotus flower is an emblem of peace, good fortune and re-birth.

Forming a bouquet on the skin may make a tiered statement of the individual who is wearing the tattoo.

Flowers back tattoo

For example, a person who makes a vows fidelity to their very first love may envelope a lilac with ivy or a specific person who finds himself to be lucky and bold may make a stephanotis and delphinium chain around his arm.

Black and white floral tattoo

You may make the flower tattoos simple and small by making use of one small flower or large and climbing.

Male floral tattoo

They may be colourful and bright or even expressive and dark.

The most fascinating design is one with a long branched tree in black with blue or red or purple blossoms that is blooming from them.

Black and white shoulder flower tattoo

You may associate the different meanings of flower tattoos with the representation of the leaves.

In nature though you may not be able to see the cosmos flower grown together with the olive leaf by putting one of the blooms bursting in the middle of the olive leaves.

You may convey the feeling of peace.

Watercolour floral tattoo

It is just ordinary to combine the flowers’ meanings with the other significant symbols.

The flowers crawling around a religious symbol became a well-known image in both the tattoos and art.

Flower tattoo ideas

The flower tattoos may also be in combination with zodiac symbols. Each sign has its own features from colour, to the flora and to the gemstones.

Flowers across belly tattoo

Forming a mixture of star sign and the respective flower will be able to make a statement of who you really are like orchids with Aquarius, poppies with Pisces, among others and may even be utilized to convey love for those people who are closes to your heart.

Flower with patterns tattoo

Whether you want to form a much deeper meaning with your design or if your flower tattoos are just for aesthetic goals, it is usually a good idea to view what they may really symbolize.

With the availability of rich flower variety and the history behind them, you may be able to see something that is both meaningful and both appealing.