Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Four leaf clovers have always been a good luck symbol.

It is connected with the leprechauns’ legends of Ireland and is related closely with the shamrock that is a charm against evil.

Rose four leaf clover tattoo

The difference between the shamrock and the four leaf clover is that shamrock is common and has only three leaves.

Tiny four leaf clover ribs tattoo

The fourth leaf is caused by the genetic mutation.

The outcome is that one leaf is usually smaller than the other three leaves.

However in the pop culture of today and in media images all of the four leaves are all equal in size.

Splashed ink four leaf clover tattoo

This means that in the symbolical sense one leaf is for faith, one leaf is for love, and one for hope and the last leaf is for luck.

All these plants are all related with luck because that is how unusual they are.

Four leaf clover skull tattoo

There are many people who really literally crawl through the fields and still haven’t found one.

Since the four leaf clover tattoos are very common, there are many available designs for them from plain to solid green to complicated texture and shading with decorations like the crown or flag of Ireland or even a white dove.

Watercolour four leaf clover tattoo

There are many four leave clover tattoos decorated with flowers enveloping the actual clover to be able to add some dynamics and colour to the tattoo.

Celtic four leaf clover tattoo

Some features of the sashes or ribbons that encircle the clover give the tattoo an elegant appearance.

Since the four leaf clovers represent luck, it is not that uncommon to view the word luck below or above the clover and in different script styles.

Four leaf clover in a horse shoe tattoo

In addition, the relation between Ireland and the four leaf clovers are emphasized and more often than not the symbolism of Celtic is connected with clover like the Celtic knot designs or the Celtic cross or the tree of life from the mythology of Celtic.

Four leaf clover pattern tattoo

Most of the people remember the days when they hunt their backyards for four leaf clovers.

It is not difficult to comprehend the reason the tattoos of four leaf clover are so well-known. It will bring good luck and it will really never hurt to have one piece.