Gambling Tattoo Ideas & Designs

It is hard to pinpoint initially why gambling tattoos are so well-known.

Some of the people feel that by making use of one or more different gambling symbols they may bring some extra luck.

Man inviting to gamble tattoo

The most ordinary gambling tattoos are the four playing card suites which is the diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts.

Gambling shoulder tattoo

The reason why this is popular is they are simple, small and may be placed at a discreet body area.

Full sleeve gambling tattoo

But such symbols may also become big and elaborated.

Some examples are putting a very big dark spade with scroll work in the middle or a flaming heart or a block of black and red diamonds as a sleeve.

Gambling leg tattoo

However the suites are not just the card symbols used in the gambling tattoos.

The royalty cards create very unique and beautiful designs.

Full body gambling tattoo

The dice are also very well-known and are considered a fortune symbol.

Colourful gambling tattoo

Few items may inspire the imagination on a lucky crap game rather than a pair of flaming dice that is rolling.

Playing cards tattoo

There are many people who prefer to utilize symbols that are connected with bringing gamblers luck like the horseshoe or the four leaf clover and the lucky number 7.

Black and white gambling tattoo

You have to be reminded of the excitement of playing whatever your chosen style is, the winning thrill may be a little luckier while you are at it.