Gang Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The gang tattoos are known generally as identifying tags with a very deep loyalty to a particular group.

They symbolize a particular lifestyle and are worn as badges of honor.

Gang face tattoo

But it is common for people to get gang tattoos.

Such styles are tough, unique and beautiful.

With these aspects it is explicable why a person may make a mistake for such a simple design and not know the impending implications.

Gang members with tattoos

The gang tattoos are changing always.

However there are some styles and symbols that are consistent like a teardrop which is a death symbol, or spider webs or the style of graffiti art showing a number of items but are utilized generally for the dates and names.

Gang tattoos

There are many gang members who utilize tattoos to show important activities and use items like dots between the fingers indicating the time spent in incarceration.

The most common place for the dots is between the thumb and the forefinger.

Full body gang tattoo

Many gang tattoos present either the specific gang’s name normally done in stylish script, numbers and indirect methods of affiliation identification.

An example is making use of the area code of the home town of a gang or a numbered street name.

Gang member with eyelids tattooed

There are many gangs who also prefer to utilize numbers that are related specifically with them.

Such style may utilize the simple number in many fonts or Roman numerals may be used or words or foreign translations.

Full body gang tattoo

There are many gang tattoos that contain so many details as the art pieces are not just intended to represent their gang affiliates but who they really are as persons.

Gang body and face tattoos

Generally such pieces are a large gang name combination; small symbols representing activities within their group; and other more items that are personal like the memorials to loved ones, cultural and religious ties and at times their children’s names.

Other symbols that convey something much more powerful may be viewed in these gang tattoos like the faces of the clock and tombstones and even the tragedy and comedy masks.

Full body gang tattoo

The gang tattoos are intended to symbolize the everyday life of the member’s reality.

Even if it looks tough to be able to obtain this tattoo variety, there is a possibility that having one of the gang tattoos may bring trouble into your life.

Aside from the fact that it is not cool or fashionable, the emblems are hard to find.