Gargoyle Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The gargoyles look like scarecrows and their grotesque appearance scare the wicked spirits away and cast away also the bad omens.

Gargoyle upper arm tattoo

There are many people who make use of the gargoyle tattoos due to this reason.

Some of the people prefer to utilize the portrayal that is used to protect the homes.

It is a small winged creature with an angry looking face and spouts water from the lips.

Gargoyle hand tattoo

Once the water flashes out of the mouth of the gargoyle it becomes sacred and the water turns holy.

Such images are always done in granite, dark colours.

At times their colour is red, blue and purple.

Gargoyle skull tattoo

One idea is to put this symbol on the shoulder with the water trickling down the arm or the back or front of the body.

Gargoyle chest tattoo

Gargoyle tattoos may also present script writing and is common to see a Gothic plaque with a known poem or even a quote and a large gargoyle are engraved into the skin.

Gargoyle leg tattoo

As most of the cathedrals in medieval European decorate their gargoyles with fresh ivy and imprinted flowers, it is interesting to note and add the same touches to this specific piece.

Gargoyle tattoo

Some of the gargoyle tattoos are a combination of the creatures.

Some European churches make use of the gargoyles using the appearance of the boars, cats and rams.

One of the most well-known combinations is the chimera.

Gargoyle‘s skull tattoo

Although not a gargoyle, the well-known combination of eagle and lion makes the design fearsome.

It is also ordinary to combine the gargoyles with the devils, demons and even angels.

Gargoyle shoulder tattoo

The statues of the Gargoyle were used for so many years now to serve as protection for the home of a person.

The gargoyle tattoos whether alone or placed beside other safety symbols may be effective at protecting the tattoo wearer.