Gecko Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Gecko tattoos are viewed as a regeneration sign and luck.

But most of the people select gecko tattoos as they are beautiful and extraordinary pieces of body art.

Colourful gecko tattoo

There are many various types of gecko but the most ordinary is the day gecko.

Most creatures are a green with dark brown spots on the lower half of the body and the head.

Gecko in the bottle tattoo

It is small with dark big eyes that may be translated easily into an illustration that looks like a cartoon and with round small toes.

The leopard gecko has a more colourful pattern while the crested gecko has more of the other world appearance.

Gecko on the branch tattoo

It is tan or at times in shade of gold and like the day gecko has big eyes which are the same in colour to the body and have dark long slits down the middle.

Fluorescent gecko tattoo

Most of the gecko tattoos display one of the different gecko varieties going up a leg or an arm or the back or the chest of the wearer.

They may be twisted also into the crescent moon shape or heart shape.

Tribal gecko tattoo

They are at times displayed melding to the deep green branch colour or the stem of a flower.

You may use the Kawekaweau image for a more extraordinary approach to the realistic gecko.

This gecko was previously seen in 1870.

Gecko ribs tattoo

But a stuffed specimen was located in a French museum in 1986.

The Kawekaweau gecko was one of the biggest and most menacing looking reptiles which could be portrayed as it was if it is still living.

Gecko leg tattoo

The gecko tattoos may have a lighthearted experience as many pieces display the gecko in extraordinary settings like with a surf board and sunglasses on a beach, flying off in a rocket or even in a top hat and tails.

Gecko with flowers tattoo

Even if the gecko tattoos have such a small implications, their versatility and appearance make them as unique that may either be bold and big or small and discreet.

And if they happen to bring luck, then it is better.