Geisha Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The geisha may be translated into an artist and the geishas are viewed as the most graceful, exotic, sensual and talented artists worldwide.

Even if they are considered as one of the outstanding symbols, the geisha tattoos may be one of the well-known influenced Asian pieces in body art.

Sensual geisha sleeve tattoo

There are many people who prefer to make use of geisha tattoos that employ the whole grandeur of an ordinary geisha or maiko.

A maiko is a trainee wherein his appearance is slightly different from a fully developed geisha.

Colourful geisha tattoo

These are done generally in the style of a portrait and portray the figure in a complexion that is porcelain white with small bow-like lips, brilliantly coloured kimono and one of the four shimada styles of the hair. Its common name is momoware and looks like a peach that is divided and has very colourful ornaments.

Geisha’s face with flower tattoo

But a greater part of geisha tattoos has the pin up model look. Such a style exaggerates the curves of a woman, the red lips and the vibrant trappings.

Geisha shoulder tattoo

This tends to overstate the sensuality of the known characteristics of the geishas.

For example, it is just ordinary to view a geisha standing with her back to the viewer with a face that is painted heavily and glancing over her shoulder, with the neck that is partially painted and an exposed shoulder.

Geisha sleeve tattoo

Even if it is not used often, geisha tattoos made of wood block may be at times viewed.

A geisha tattoo version that is more elongated is shown both in the face and the body and her clothes may look like it is flowing and long.

Colourful geisha thigh tattoo

The colours are more passive normally and present the geisha traditionally.

For instance, the geisha is playing a shamisan or dancing or fanning herself in a demure manner.

Geisha back tattoo

You may form a fantasy piece in the style of a wood block like a geisha may rise up from the ocean or her robes be combined with the waves or her pale face will be painted and a kimono with colour light blue or while may combine with a mountain with snow with the black dark hair, red lips and eyes so sensual are standing out.

Geisha full leg tattoo

Even if there is really no exact definition on what geisha tattoos really symbolize, it is understandable on why some view them as an elegance symbol or with striking beauty and outstanding artistry.