Gemini Zodiac Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Gemini zodiac tattoos are fabulous for the Geminis which is the astrological sign for the people born into this world between May 22 and June 23 or if you want to honour a special Gemini in your life.

Gemini with map tattoo

There are twelve zodiac signs and the Gemini is not so different.

It is related with the twin gods of Greek Artemis and Apollo which is the sign’s dual nature and is symbolized by the image of the twins.

Gemini and scale tattoo

In getting Gemini zodiac tattoos, one should pay tribute to the astrological sign of a person.

Knowing and researching the sign of a person directs a life that is filled with peace and harmony.

Colourful Gemini tattoo

Obtaining a tattoo with your sign presents the world that you know who you really are and you know how your astrological sign affects you in a way.

In addition, Gemini zodiac tattoos may be a reminder most especially if it is placed in a well-known place.

Simple Gemini symbol tattoo

In selecting the tattoo that is inspired by Gemini that suits you best, it is significant to know what the images the sign symbolizes.

For instance, you may get a Gemini constellation tattoo or you may look for a tattoo that is inspired by the sign’s characteristic image of the twins.

Female Gemini tattoo

The Gemini zodiac tattoos may be more experimental most especially if one selects images that are based around the traits of a Gemini.

The Gemini is famous for being indecisive, being adaptable and being inconsistent and lively.

Roses are one of the other symbols that are related with the Gemini and other people decided to integrate this into their Gemini zodiac tattoos.

Gemini symbol and constellation tattoo

Some people prefer to literally take their zodiac tattoos as they spell the word Gemini out on their body or make use of the Gemini astrological sign.

Some people like to mix their moon and sun sign with their birth charts.

Gemini masks tattoo

It is significant always to bear in mind the tattoo size.

If you really want a discreet tattoo of the Gemini zodiac it is best that you get the zodiac astrological sign printed on your wrist or foot. If you desire to have a tattoo for others to notice, one that is big in size, try to consider a tattoo on the calf or shoulders.

Gemini angel and devil symbol tattoo

Here is some more information about the Gemini sign:

  • Flower is marigold, rose and orchid.
  • Gemini Horoscope Ruling Planet is Mercury which is a communication symbol.
  • Gemstone is agate.
  • Day is Wednesday.
  • Colour is gray, yellow, silver, green and orange.
  • Number is five.
  • Element is air.

If you are still not sure on what to get for your tattoo on Gemini zodiac, you may have the combination of the Gemini symbol with the Chinese astrological art of a specific animal that symbolizes you which is broken down by your year of birth.

Partnering your birth date with your zodiac sign may be a unique and personal tattoo on Gemini zodiac.