Gothic Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Gothic tattoos represent the subculture ideas.

To many people, the preoccupation to life’s darker things may be strange.

However such ideas are intended more to enlighten particular viewpoints of some items like death or life’s natural part and the beauty or the deviation from beauty’s ideal.

Gothic tattoo

There are many Gothic tattoos that may be also immersed in mystical ideals or the literature fantasy characters or creatures.

The Gothic tattoos most viewed symbols are those symbols belonging to the alternative religious ideology.

One example is the cross of the Gothic iron with the thin and thick lines.

Gothic arm tattoo

However there are many cross designs that are utilized in Gothic tattoos like the spider webs, or a blood red or black blossom everywhere, or a simple Christian cross with creeping overgrown vines, or some scattered skulls found at the base.

Bat back shoulder tattoo

Some prefer to utilize a cross like a tombstone.

This design always presents a cross that is stony grey with flat edges and with an upper half that is encircled.

The flowers and the skulls together with detailed spiral patterns may also be featured.

Pentagram hand tattoo

There are many Gothic tattoos that feature the Pentacle or Pentagram.

Even if the Pentagram’s design is printed upside down and is viewed by many people as the Devil’s sign, the Pentagram with right side up is just an interconnected four element symbol and encircled to symbolize wholeness and unity.

Gothic script tattoo

This design is done on a regular basis and in a simple fashion and even in dark colours.

However this may be combined occasionally with other symbols or colours like blues, reds or purples.

Gothic sleeve tattoo

The creatures with wings are also some regularly seen Gothic tattoo emblems.

The bats are of specific interest and may be simply presented or be portrayed as an otherworldly or muscular creature.

They may be presented fully perched or unfurled on the shoulder, like to entice blood from the neck’s vein. T

Gothic arm tattoo

he big bat wings with heavy details that are placed on the upper back may be seen but not that frequent.

The fairies are utilized frequently.

The Gothic fairy is always done in red and black but may be viewed occasionally in brown or blue shades.

One of the ordinary fairies is a downcast girl, sitting on the ground with her tattered wings and a tear in her eye.

She may also have items like chains, fishnet stockings and even the small devil horns.

Gothic cathedral and skull tattoo

You may be attracted to the culture of Gothic or you may be just fascinated by the meanings that are related with many symbols.

These are just some of the possibilities for the Gothic tattoos.

Be open to the idea and you may cover your whole body with what becomes available to you.