Greek Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The people have Greek tattoos for many reasons ranging from heritage pride to mythology fascination.

The Greek words and phrases are very well-known in Greek tattoos.

The Greek letters are the same with the Kanji writing style; it is not just stylish and elegant but also romantic and meaningful.

Zeus tattoo

In order to maintain the general theme, there are many people who utilize the quotes from famous Greek philosophers like the Plato and Socrates.

There are other people who utilize a single or two relevant words like Love, Like, and Freedom.

Greek column tattoo

One more outstanding option for the Greek tattoos is the mythological characters.

The Greek mythology may be utilized in tattoo art to form fabulous scenes and convey a connection a person may feel with a specific character and be able to relay stories.

Zeus is one example of the other well-known figures; he is the god of justice and mercy. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and is also well-known.

Greek pattern and letters tattoo

The people may utilize such figures to form incredible images like Aries forming war and chaos, the rising Aphrodite from the sea, Zeus radiating his thunderbolt and in the end the lovers below are separated.

Some of the people prefer to utilize single or all of the Muses that is active with her specific art.

Greek mythology sleeve tattoo

The Greek key is also a very famous pattern and was utilized always by the Ancient Greeks on pottery, temples and carvings.

Even if it is not known yet on what a particular design should symbolize, there is a theory that Theseus who is the king of Athens and a legendary figure fought the Minotaur by using the same arrangement in a labyrinth as the Greek key.

Greek pattern wrist band tattoo

Further, it may be used in various ways. It may be a backdrop, a border or put all unto itself.

There are many people who prefer to utilize this around the leg, or around the bicep or as a wrist band.

Full body Greek tattoo

The Greek cross is an outstanding option also.

Its creation was intended to mean the earth’s four directions and not the crucifixion.

There are few various methods like the zodiac cross wherein the cross may be separated into thirteen squares or the zodiac’s twelve signs, or the cross inside a square to mean the earthly matters and the letter cross with a special significance in every corner.

Greek mythology sleeve tattoo

But the simple and classic Greek cross is the item always utilized and was never adopted as the Red Cross symbol.

Greek ornaments tattoo

Even if in ancient Greece, the tattoos were considered a punishment form.

At present they are utilized to convey expression. It shows this is the best method to convey the heritage, enthusiasm or fantasies for the culture.