Guitar Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The guitar tattoos are a music symbol that is well loved by enthusiasts worldwide.

Guitar tattoos may be meaningful and extraordinary whether you are a hobbyist, or a professional or just a lover of music.

Guitar chord tattoo

In addition, guitars symbolized rebellion. Since the rock music is always thought of going against the norm of society, guitars became the emblem for something unusual or different.

Guitar with geometric shapes tattoo

There are many guitar tattoos presenting a person that is really playing such instrument.

Most often than not, this person is a well-known musician.

But it is ordinary to view a guitar in the pin up model’s arms, or a skeleton or a devil or a demon.

Guitar and amplifier tattoo

Some of the people prefer to include the loved ones in their guitar tattoos.

A small child’s portrait with a toy guitar or a spouse or a relative that is strumming an acoustic guitar sitting on a stool or on a porch are fabulous ideas for this theme.

Guitar landscape tattoo

Another side of guitar tattoos features the actual instrument alone that is set against the skin or covered around a leg or an arm.

There are various guitars that you may utilize for your piece.

Geometric lines guitar tattoo

Two of the most well-known are the acoustic and the basic electric styles.

But the arch top style and the steel style are the most detailed and extraordinary.

You may utilize the classic six string, or twelve string or double neck guitar.

Realistic guitar tattoo

The designs that are placed around and on the instrument are significant as the actual guitar.

Some of the most ordinarily utilized symbols are the hearts and flowers.

Another way to use the flower symbol is to put a vine of bougainvillea or morning glory that is creeping around the neck.

Tribal guitar tattoo

You may make the body out of the shape of a heart for the latter symbol or even have the guitar’s neck piercing through the heart.

Some of the people like to utilize symbols that are tougher like the barbed wire all over the guitar, the jagged teeth in the sound hole or pointed blade in the neck’s place.

Guitar under skin tattoo

Guitars may be placed within a particular scene or just by themselves.

In whatever which way, with a guitar on your skin, you will really make a statement of who you really are.