Gun Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The gun tattoos are usually viewed as a strong symbol and they have the tendency to be a strength symbol and the security that a person feels and knows that they are sheltered.

Gun chest tattoo

Even if this design is liked by men, there are many women who also feel that this jagged symbol relate with the strong and unyielding nature of their personality.

Colourful pattern guns tattoos

There are many gun tattoos that present the weapon alone. It is ordinary to view two guns that are located on the two hips so that it will be easily accessible like a gun with a holster.

Gun with roses tattoo

They are always viewed along the shoulder blade top or on the lower stomach to be able to make it appear like it is being lodged just below the belt of a person.

Even if it is quite ordinary to view hand guns that are modern, shotguns and the machine guns, it is very extraordinary to utilize more or less something that is much more ancient like a Colt revolver that has a long barrel from the 1800s.

Guns belly tattoo

Making use of this gun variety, you may expand your design by having the scroll work added up with patterns to the gems, barrel and wood to the butt.

Pink gun thigh tattoo

There are some gun tattoos that display the weapon in actual action like a fire that may be bursting from the barrel or a flying bullet from the tip or skin piercing of the tattoo wearer.

Rifle tattoo

Some of the people prefer their gun tattoos to portray different meanings.

Try to put a delicate, small blooming flower from the gun’s cold metal barrel.

This may be a peace representation or display the contrast between life’s fragile beauty and death’s hard reality.

Woman pointing gun tattoo

The gun tattoos that feature people are less ordinary but interesting.

It is ordinary to view the hunter or gangster image that is showing of his gun.

Another example is the formal Victorian lady that is shining her pearl handled pistol or even a pulp fiction character that is curvy and pushing the silver revolver’s muzzle against the pouty and bright red lips.

Soldier with rifle tattoo

Even if most of the gun tattoos are intended to express a determined personality’s character, it is common for them to express sensuality, potency and duality.