Hand Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The hand tattoos are still one of the forbidden body art that is left nowadays followed by the face and the neck tattoos.

The location of the tattoo, whatever design is chosen, indicates a commitment to a loved one or to a particular religion or the desire for a body art that will make a statement and a bold one.

Candles hand tattoo

Most of the people prefer to start small or from the bottom regarding hand tattoos. Such small and simple symbols are utilized for this style.

Clock hand tattoo

Such symbols include flower buds or a five point star or even tiny pixies that are always placed under the thumb.

You may sporadically view more unusual symbols like the card suits, spiders, small eyes and also small insects.

Colourful constellation hand tattoo

There are also some detailed hand tattoos which are always intended to create a bold statement and present an apparent picture of who the tattoo wearer is.

Some of the well-known styles of the hand tattoos appear the same with henna artwork which always features some detailed designs that look like flowers and the lace.

Hand tattoo ideas

They are viewed at the bottom or top of the hands and may be wrapped around all of the fingers or just one finger.

Other people prefer to have images that are contrasting to both hands like water on one hand and fire on the other hand.

Rose hand tattoo

Detailed hand tattoo may be viewed at times to emphasize the hand’s features.

For instance you may also see designs that present realistic depiction of the veins, muscle, bones and even the tendons.

Tribal hand tattoo

Majority of the people may look for a mid-ground whenever hand tattoo is the topic.

Such pieces are just sized medium and have an obvious place.

But actually they are just simple in design.

Wolf hand tattoo

Some good examples are placing an eye in the middle of the top or maybe the bottom of the hand.

You may also see a ring (like the promise ring or wedding) that is covered around an index finger or you may likely see a coiled snake around every finger.

Woman face hand tattoo

There are a good number of tattoo artists who does not prefer doing hand tattoos.

These particular pieces are so noticeable so that some people will later regret them also.

However there are still those who do the hand tattoos and those who obtain one.

There is an utmost understanding that the pieces within themselves become a dedication symbol.