Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Hawaiian flower tattoos may present the homage you have to the culture of Hawaii.

Hawaiian flower turtle tattoo

If you consider having Hawaiian flower tattoos but you are not sure what design to have and you don’t like a predictable flower then it is perhaps time for the entertainment idea of checking all the different flowers that the culture of Hawaii has to offer.

Black and white Hawaiian flower tattoo

The Tropical Hawaiian flowers are connected with the beautiful and exotic flowers.

Hawaii just happens to be the most abundant and have various tropical flowers worldwide.

With the Hawaiian flower tattoos there are infinite possibilities to make sure that you have your desired tattoo.

Small Hawaiian flower tattoo

It is significant to learn all the meaning behind a flower before having it inked permanently on your skin.

Let us now take a peek at some of the Hawaiian flowers offered and to be able to understand each flower as well.

Watercolour Hawaiian flower tattoo
  • The Anthurium is a perfect selection for the Hawaiian flower tattoos. Such flowers usually look like heart-shaped and colour bright red. The Anthuriums are some of the most well-known flowers that Hawaii and represents hospitality.
  • The Hibiscus is a typical flowers and one flower that is native to Hawaii. The state flower is the yellow ma’ o hau hele his biscus. The Hibiscus flowers combines together because they are available in many different colours. Some of the colour are prink, white, red, blue, yellow, green, lavender and orange. The Hawaiian women usually wear a hibiscus flower at the back of the tree which represents that they are ready to look for a marriage partner which means that the hibiscus is such a delicate beauty making it a perfect choice for Hawaiian flower tattoos.
  • Orchids may symbolize a number of items from luxury, love, strength, magnificence and beauty. The Dendrobium Orchids are very well-known in Hawaii and its blooms have the shape of the butterflies. This flower gives many meanings and its corresponding design that is extraordinary makes it outstanding for original flower tattoo.
  • The Birds of Paradise flower symbolize paradise and joy fullness and are well-known for resembling a bird and are very colourful and dramatic. If you prefer many colours in your tattoos then the Birds of Paradise flower could be the outstanding Hawaiian flower tattoo.
Hawaiian flower with a hummingbird tattoo

If you like to obtain a tattoo to symbolize a specific Hawaiian island that is possible.

Each Hawaii Island has a corresponding flower.

The pink cottage rose or pink lokelani is Maui’s official flower.

Hawaiian flower shoulder tattoo

The yellow ilima looks like a tiny hibiscus and is Oahu’s official flower.

The flower of the Big Island is the red lehu which is ohia tree’s blossom.

According to legend the lehua flower is most sacred to the volcano goddess of Hawaii which is Pele.

Hawaiian flower at sunset tattoo

Aside from being beautiful, what are fabulous about the flowers of Hawaii are the multiple meanings.

There are limitless numbers of flowers to select from.

Black and white Hawaiian flower arm tattoo

There are some very deep meanings that may trigger your creativity and permit you to include those meanings into your final design.

The Hawaiian flower tattoos may serve as a great homage to the culture of Hawaii and the endless opportunities of design.