Hebrew Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Hebrew tattoos may develop a big popularity base since skin popping up of many celebrities will not occur.

But this style has been famous for its beauty and grace.

Hebrew hamsa side tattoo

There are many smart, witty and uplifting messages that were utilized for the Hebrew tattoos and this is the original reason for their fame.

They are an attractive and permanent reminder of ideas and beliefs that you hold dear.

Hebrew David star tattoo

Most of the Hebrew tattoos feature the simple script of characters with just a single word.

Hebrew script tattoo

One instance is the very obvious Chai symbol wherein it is a combination of Cheit and Yod, the Hebrew letters that means ‘living’.

Colourful Hebrew hamsa tattoo

It is also ordinary for the people to include symbols like the Star of David, the enneagram which is a star with nine points to symbolize the meaning of existence and the hamsa which is a rounded hand with an eye in the palm to symbolize protection from the bad eye.

Hebrew tattoo

Other meaningful and less particular symbols may be utilized as well like ivy that is always used to express determination and is found growing all over the lettering.

Hebrew lion tattoo

The script may be interconnected with the flower of life that may be placed at the middle of an ouroboros or may be put in both corners by a Fleur De Lis.

Hebrew hamsa thigh tattoo

No matter what style that you select to utilize always bear in mind that with any foreign language it is significant to know what you are really obtaining with the difficult manner of the language, the Hebrew tattoos are not an exception.

Hebrew back tattoo

Better to make your words be translated by someone as trustworthy and fluent.

You will then have a lifelong piece of inspiration and style.