Henna Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Most of the people relate the henna tattoos with their temporal start of their life.

But such fleeting art pieces really inspired many permanent work creations.

There are lots of people who like to put such complicated designs on big body areas and like to use the brown and earthy red shades that will naturally come to the tattoo’s more transient cousin.

Henna palm tattoo

Some of the henna tattoos that are ordinarily viewed are done on the feet and the hands.

Even if some people are doubtful to put a permanent art on their feet or hands, such designs may be moved easily to the legs or upper arms.

Henna back tattoo

The designs that are utilized for the feet and hands are usually outstanding and very detailed.

There are many tattoos that include symbols that represent feminine beauty like moon, flowers, or long slender vines.

Brown henna hand tattoo

They may display complex hearts wherein one example is the Goddess of Love symbol.

This looks simple as compared with other henna tattoos.

But it still has a striking image with full body and edges that are scrollwork.

Henna chest tattoo

Even if most of the henna tattoos display the most obvious scrolling designs, there are other symbols that may be viewed in this art style.

One symbol is the peacock wherein it is a form of protection and a sign of luck and passion.

Henna feet tattoo

The peacock’s body is graceful and simple with such smooth lines.

But the tail feathers are much detailed and may present many eyes.

Henna thigh tattoo

These eyes are what the peacock considers as the sign of protection and a watchful bird hovering above you.

The lunar and solar eyes are the symbols that are always used in henna tattoos and are also viewed as protection talismans.

Henna neck tattoo

One of the more well-known body areas for the permanent henna tattoos is the area around the belly button wherein a half moon or a bursting sun is present always.

There are times you may view the legendary scroll designs or the flowers.

Henna hand and arm tattoo

Whether you found a design that you cannot live without or you may have utilized henna in the past weeks, or exquisite art and meaning is appreciated that is behind the art pieces, the henna tattoos are an outstanding option.