Hindu Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are many people who need to convey the devoutness to their faith and also their attraction with all of the symbolism and art together through the Hindu tattoos taking into consideration that the permanent body art is not disagreed by the people in the Hindu religion.

Hindu back tattoo

Even if a person may not go after a specific belief, they may also find out that the same symbols pertain to their own life’s view and how they will select it for guidance.

Ganesh trunk finger tattoo

There are many people who like the simple and small Hindu tattoos and also have an interesting design.

These are done generally in symbols and one of the most well-known is the Om or Aum symbol which represents three significant worlds, gods and sacred scriptures.

Another Ganesh tattoo

It is also the symbol that is considered to be one of the most significant sounds that were God-created and at the center of anything and everything.

For this particular design you may use the ordinary Devanagari or a little different like the Tibetan scripts or the sharp Tamil.

Henna inspired tattoo

There are other ordinary symbols like the lotus which is a detachment and beauty symbol, the trishula which is a three spear in Sanskrit and a symbol of the upward pull of the reality and the emblem for Shiva or even a peacock which represents protection and religion.

Kali with skulls tattoo

Most of the other Hindu tattoos present colourful gods and goddesses images or present detailed and big scenes that portray the stories.

One of the well-known examples is the Lord Ganesha.

Sitar player tattoo

This god may be shown using his axe to be able to cut the devotee’s attachments which is next to a rope to convey the truth to another.

The third and the fourth may show him blessing and rewards to his followers.

Kali tattoo

Another extraordinary idea is to recreate the life’s four stages into a folk art style that is Indian.

The first stage is a young kid reading diligently his books; the second stage is a big coloured wedding; the third is an elderly person with his grandchild on her knee and the last is moving back into the wilds.

This may be done in a diagram that is circular or in four strips that are long and pressed together to make a perfect square.

Simple Shiva tattoo

Hindu tattoos are special since it consists of different stories and symbols that may make any of the tattoos unique aside from the deep meaning and unique beauty.