Holy Cross Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are many people who select to have tattoos during their lifetime.

There are many people who have tattoos to symbolize important points in their lives and to be able to mark important occasions, and to present connections to some groups and to display preferred religion.

Holy cross with Jesus tattoo

This is where the holy cross and religious tattoos enter the scene.

There are many available forms and styles and always reflects religious connections.

Maltese holy cross tattoo ideas

Some examples are the Maltese cross, the Jerusalem cross and many other holy cross variation tattoos.

Here are many available various holy cross tattoos and the reason why the people make such tattoos a significant part of the experiences in inking.

Jerusalem holy cross tattoo

The Jerusalem cross tattoo is a cross with equal arms.

It is portrayed at times as a cross that is embedded in the center of four crosses that are smaller.

This design appeared during the first Crusade and has a long Christianity history and the tattooing art.

Holy cross with doves tattoo

The first Latin Jerusalem ruler, Godfrey of Bouillon had the cross of Jerusalem on his Coat of Arms.

In the year 1956, John Carswell discovered the cross design in Jerusalem in a wood block pattern which is exposing the tattooing remnants on the written record that dates back early in the 1600s or in an earlier period.

Celtic cross tattoo

The Maltese cross tattoo starts on the first Crusade which is deriving its name from the Malta Island, which is the Sovereign Order of Malta.

The Maltese cross portrayed the cross itself enveloped by two interrelated snakes in its early form.

Holy cross neck tattoo

Such version was utilized by the St. John the Baptist’s hospital community offering medical hospice and care to the pilgrims going on adventure to the Holy Land.

At present the Maltese cross is well-known in tattooing and is utilized generally in the variety utilized as Europe’s military decoration.

Holy cross tattoos

Even if the Holy Cross tattoos’ histories vary together with the variations and designs of the tattoo itself, the meaning is the same in a general manner.

Holy cross with wings tattoo

The Holy cross tattoo represents religion.

The people select this tattoo style to present their stands and views on religious issues.

It may also symbolize the many forms of health, beauty and compassion.