Horror Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The horror type has been a big success in literature and film. These stories make use of your very deep fears and form an emotional and a mental stir within us.

Freddy Krueger tattoo

There are many people who love excitement that goes together with fear.

And a few of these people prefer to convey their passion for the genre with horror tattoos.

Horror legs tattoo

Most of the horror tattoos portray a scene or a character from a horror film that is well loved.

These pieces present classic movie character like the monster of Frankenstein or Dracula.

Horror scared face tattoo

Some of the people prefer to utilize more graphic characters or a tattoo with an alien that has a big jaw bursting through the skin which is such an ordinary sight.

Some of the people also prefer to utilize cult film figures like the Basket case and the Snow Creature found in the 1954 movie, the abominable snowman.

Chucky tattoo

Some of the horror tattoos portray the creative vision of a scene or character from literature.

The most favorite for many enthusiasts is Edgar Allen Poe.

Such tattoos may display a raven angry at the observer or even a beautiful woman’s image that is starting to decompose.

Zombie tattoo

There are stories of H.O. Lovecraft that were created to become terrifying and masterful art pieces that may be created into horror and broad tattoos.

Horror tattoo

But most of the horror tattoos have small pieces from many other sources to be able to form a vision that the tattoo wearer may discover to be scary.

Spider face tattoo

There are other options to select like a sideshow barker that looks evil and displaying unearthly creatures and zombies that are going around the dark city’s streets or even the skeletons in the middle of a battle.

Horror nun tattoo

The horror type will always hold a position in the hearts of the people.

The excitement may come from the fear itself and the delight of knowing that it is not real thus making this style such an enduring one.