Horse Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The horse tattoos are always strength symbols even of stamina and grace aside from the fact that the horses are tamed species all the while for a short period of time as they symbolize untamed beauty.

Realistic horse tattoo

An outstanding example is the Arabian horse or the black stallion.

Such horse tattoos demonstrate the free spirit symbolism.

They are viewed as a protection symbol as the Arabian horses are protective of their real owners.

Horse and landscape tattoo

One of the most well-known ideas is to present the dark horse with such a wild mane under the bright and blue sky even if it is cloudy.

One other variation is to make use of the front legs and the bust of the horse.

This version permits for a more detailed mane and face.

Realistic colourful horse tattoo

There are many horse tattoos that present the animal which is in action.

The race horses are some good instances especially if the tattoo wearer is an avid fan and has a favorite on a personal basis.

Geometric horse tattoo

The favorite may be portrayed as being the pack leader on the race track or may be presented with a garland around the neck.

Other portrayals may present the winning warrior going off into the sunset, pulling the chariot of a Greek god or a Roman nobleman or just the horse running around free and wild.

Horse and forest tattoo

The horse tattoos may also portray many creatures in the mythological sense that were mixed with such creature.

The centaurs are viewed as the best of both civilization and nature as both the horse and the man.

Geometric horse tattoo in colour

This dual nature has been thought of as a personality conflict directing to both the nature’s desire and its beauty and even the desire for much more conquest in the scholarly way.

The centaur is termed as the teacher and the beast wherein this idea may be adapted into the wizened centaur image reading aloud to various tiny children within the forest’s depths.

Colourful horse tattoo

Another instance is the unicorn.

Even if this design may be located in such similar settings as a regular horse, this type of horned animal is often viewed in more scenes in a fantastic way like the blue and green starry sky, or a mountain that is covered with snow and racing to the rainbow or on a dark purple night.

Simple horse tattoo

The fabulous thing about horse tattoos is you may not just convey your fascination with these radiant creatures, but of its outstanding beauty and nature as a whole.