Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Whichever way you look at it, the horseshoes are a good luck symbol.

There are many people who make use of this icon to drive off bad luck or even bring good fortune.

Horseshoe hand tattoo

For many centuries already people have viewed tattoos like a talisman to guard themselves from harm.

It is really understandable why a person would make use of horseshoe tattoos as their amulet.

Horseshoe and swan tattoo

One of the more evident portrayals is the gambling horseshoe wherein there is a combination of symbols that bear luck like the four leaf clover, or a dice with high numbers or a deck of cards with a royal flush.

Horseshoe and flowers tattoo

There are many designs that present a pinup girl either in a full body style or a simple bust style lying on the horseshoe’s length and one leg is playfully being kicked up in the air.

Horseshoe mandala tattoo

There are many people who also prefer to present winning racehorses in the horseshoe tattoos.

These always display the neck and the head of the horse gazing through the design.

Celtic horseshoe tattoo

Another interesting idea is to present a leg that rose and having a golden horseshoe enveloped by a wreath of white carnation, clover and camellia which are all good luck symbols.

Horseshoe with feather tattoo

The horseshoe tattoos may be very simple and may present the vision of a worn and dark metal or may be intricate and modern that showcases a bold scroll work of Celtic.

Colourful horseshoe tattoo

Whenever making use of horseshoe tattoos in this style, it is best to know that a shoe pointing down is a symbol of getting rid of the bad and the shoe that is pointing upward is the opposite, which is collecting all the good stuff.

Tiny horseshoe ankle tattoo

So if you are getting yourself some luck or even trying to protect yourself from misfortune at all, the horseshoe tattoos may be the badge that you are always looking for.