Indian Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The traditional Indian tattoos are a big step out of the ordinary.

Such tattoos are so full of symbolism and superstition.

They also represent transcendence for those having them and should not be lightly taken.

The ordinary Indian tattoo uses the Mehndi art, which is making use of a temporary ink from the Henna plant wherein the skin is dyed temporarily.

Indian back tattoo

But in latest decades there are many who have adapted their detailed designs on a permanent basis most especially as fans from all over the world that is getting inspiration from this form of art.

Regardless of the promotion and acceptance, the Indian tattoos are destined to present a deep respect for the work and worship gathered in all everyday life aspects instead of a way of vanity and beauty.

Regrettably this is most often overlooked as the trend still spreads all over the world.

Indian Ganesh tattoo

There are many other superstitions enveloping the tattoos.

It has been said regarding an Indian wedding that a bride is not dressed completely if both her feet and hands bears the Mehndi tattoo.

As a matter of fact, the tattoo should be darker so that it will provide a better image.

Mehndi tattoos

This is said to inspire the mother-in-law to bear a deeper love for the bride.

The tattoos are made up of many tear drops and tiny dots enclosed in a pattern of lines that are lacy and shaped in circle shapes that go up in the arm.

In the Arabic styling, the tattoos are included into a floral design and are made to one side of the hand of the woman instead of the whole palm.

Some of the more well-known Indian tattoos are with the lotus blossom and peacock.

Indian shoulder tattoo

The Asian elephant with the trunk that is raised high in the air is a favorite and is an extensive luck symbol to those people who has it.

The names of the groom and the bride in a wedding are always hidden within the tattoo design.

In some other traditions, the wedding may not start not unless the groom learns about the tattoo whereabouts.

Indian full back tattoo

The traditional Indian art style blends with the Arabic scripture.

This is depending on the motivation of the person for the tattoo at hand most especially in the United States wherein the culture tends to combine so as to show originality.

These tattoos always include the inspirational sayings or religious proverbs like “The journey of a thousand miles only starts with one step.”

With regards to the spirituality, the images of the gods Shiva which is destruction and Kali which is the source of all life are the puzzle’s important piece.

Indian tattoos

The placement of the tattoos plays an important part when you are trying to consider Indian tattoos like all the other tattoos.

There is always a very deep connection on the spiritual side wherein the tattoo will exist.

The mentioned brides should be able to decorate their feet and hands so that the art will better join in the merriment of the night.

Married women will implant a vermilion “pottu” between the brows of the forehead so that they may show proudly their marital status.

An Islam conversion will also display the tattoo in its previous names on the jaw line or neck while it is prohibited generally by the Middle-eastern religions.

These may serve as a regular reminder of the life that is left behind.

Indian black and white back tattoo

A person may hardly deny that the Indian tattooing generally is one of the most involved and most inspiring mediums that this world offers.

The utmost detail requires a very deep commitment that is not usually located in other tattoo styles.