Irish Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are many Irish like people that prefers to show their pride in obtaining Irish tattoos.

There are so many tattoos with their own symbolism to select from.

Irish claddagh inspired tattoo

From the ancient Ireland the Celtic design is a very well-known choice for those looking for Irish tattoos.

It is very well-known because each piece is unique in its own way.

One of the most unique and well-known Irish tattoos of the Celtic decent is the Celtic Knot or called the endless knot which dates back to 450AD.

Irish harp tattoo

It is also the symbol for the endings as well as the beginnings.

In a Celtic Knot, you may be able to see that there is no beginning and no ending, thus representing birth, rebirth and even timelessness.

Celtic cross tattoo

There is another Celtic Knot called the Dara Celtic Knot which bears a distinctive meaning.

Dara signifies oak tree and the Dara Celtic Knot’s drawing is the same with the oak tree’s root system.

The oak symbolizes wisdom, power, strength, destiny, leadership and endurance.

Irish hand tattoo

There are various Celtic designs to tackle.

There is the Celtic spiral which is an ordinary Irish tattoo and symbolizes the travel from the inner life going out to the outer soul.

To the ancient Ireland, the Celtic spiral symbolizes the sun.

Leprechaun tattoo

There is the Three Rays which is another Irish tattoo of Celtic descent and looks like three vertical lines alongside each other.

The third and the first line symbolize the female and the male respectively.

The middle line symbolizes the energy balance between each other.

Celtic design tattoo

The three-leaf clover or the shamrock is an Irish tattoo that is mostly used and is believed for many centuries now that the shamrock conveys luck.

Some regard also the shamrock as a Christianity symbol since it was utilized by Saint Patrick to educate about the Holy Trinity.

Celtic owl tattoo

The leprechaun is just as popular as the shamrock and is a very well-known Irish tattoo.

It represents luck and may be illustrated in various methods.

Your leprechaun may symbolize your feelings and what you like to represent it.

Some of the other ordinary leprechaun tattoos may be a symbol for mischief, luck or to symbolize some alcoholic fun.

Shamrock tattoo

There are many other Irish tattoos, with different meanings and symbols.

It takes research and a concept of what being Irish means to you and to bring up a very unique tattoo design.