Italian Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Italian tattoos for many people display a pride in their heritage.

But some people select such designs just to show their love for Italy and the wonderful culture that goes alongside with it.

Sicilian Trinacria emblem tattoo

The national flag of Italy is one of the more well-known Italian tattoos for all those people that desires to display their pride.

But the method in portraying such tricolour emblem tends to differ in many ways.

Leonardo da Vinci tattoo

For example, a person may select to make use of the traditional red, green and white flag.

Other people may tend to restructure the flag taking the form of Italy which is a crest or a heart.

Some of the people may combine also the flag with other pertinent tattoo qualities like the military insignia, religious symbols or Italian meaningful quotes.

Always Family tattoo

One great option is forming Italian tattoos that portray many stories or sites or Italy’s fantastic art for those people who are fascinated or proud.

An idea is to display the picture of Italy’s scenic areas.

Italian American tattoo

Some examples are the rolling green hills with some plant life like the margherita gigante, tall cypress or jasmine or maybe some traditional flowers in the form of gift giving like yellow or pink roses and even the white lilies.

If you like a simpler portrayal of the local flowers, you may make use of the ramo fiorito image or the flourishing branch.

Colosseum tattoo

Such phrase always illustrates a slender branch with white or pink or purple blooms and it may be beautifully placed across the shoulders or beside the leg.

You may form the same images with some of the more well-known historical Italy landmarks like the towering pillars of the Roman Forums or a gondola floating peacefully through the Venice canals or the big domes of the Santa Maris Del Fiore Duomo.

Forza tattoo

There are many Italian tattoos that also portray some of the unique art that Italy is well-known for.

These pieces may be converted easily to become a fabulous tattoo whether it is modern or classic or paintings or the extensive architectural designs.

For example, a portrayal of the San Vitale mosaics may form easily an extraordinary masterpiece that may have the body’s big areas covered.

Leonardo’s hands tattoo

One such good example is to have many scroll work designs of the buildings of Italy to form a border for a portrait or a quote or a painting.

There are many people who like to make use of proverbs that are translated expertly to Italian for such a purpose.

Caesar tattoo

There are various options for forming Italian tattoos.

In spite of your reason for obtaining them, you are certain that the selected design will have colourful, rich and have deep historical roots.