Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The jellyfish tattoos are regularly viewed as an emblem of grace, calm and generally known as the “going with the flow” of life.

They are always utilized by the people with such sea fascination or with empathy for all the interesting items that are dwelling in life.

Abstract watercolour jellyfish tattoo

There are many people who like to form jellyfish tattoos with all the given extraordinary appearance of this creature.

Such jellyfish tattoos are detailed in design and are boldly coloured.

Jellyfish thigh tattoo

An example is to form something with a complicated illustration or coming from a painting of the imagination and may be done in many ways like forming basic thin lines for the tentacles illustration and a round disc for the body.

Dark background colourful jellyfish tattoo

You may also form an item with tentacles either thinner or thicker with colours that are bright fading into each other and with features that are the same with an umbrella for the body.

Jellyfish with flowers tattoo

Some of the jellyfish tattoos are realistic.

Such designs range in colour from bright orange to pale pink or an outline presenting the water with a dark blue colour near it.

You may also form a jellyfish with a design that is red zigzag all over the body’s upper part and also thin wisps for the tentacles, or even make a small group of jellyfish in different colours.

Colourful jellyfish tattoo

People at times prefer to form extraordinary images using their jellyfish tattoos. Another good example is an alien design.

The jellyfish has an out of this world look and you may convert them easily into any image of strange beasts.

Jellyfish full back tattoo

The echizen kurage which is really big and with same appearance with a stringy mushroom may be easily converted into a jellyfish image that is floating through space while the tentacles with feathers are wrapped around a particular planet.

Jellyfish leg tattoo

Another unusual idea is to place the flower blossom in a body part or maybe form tentacles to look like roots while the body is blossoming from them.

Jellyfish side tattoo

The jellyfish tattoos are one of the less viewed styles.

Grace and calm are indicated in such tattoos but with a particular uniqueness.