Jesus Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The word tattooing brings about images of going against the norms of society.

So it is not difficult to form Jesus tattoos now.

Jesus is a prophet that is not accepted by his very own people and regarded as a blasphemer who was against the norm of Jerusalem during the 1st century.

Jesus on the cross back tattoo

In the eyes of the Jews, his life includes rebellion to the norms and traditions during their time.

Jesus was a changer and for many people at present, the Jesus tattoos represent change or a portrait of a person’s idea to be able to kick against the stimulations.

For some, Jesus tattoos represent correction.

Jesus shoulder tattoo

Even if Jesus was not the rebel, He was fast enough to make a correction to his fellow man whenever He saw that they were doing something wrong.

Jesus and Golgotha tattoo

For many people, having a Jesus tattoo expresses one’s faith.

There are various tattoo types portraying Jesus.

There are those tattoos that show Jesus as heavenly with a halo on the head. Some even portray him on the cross.

Jesus and his heart tattoo

There are many Jesus tattoos displaying him having a crown of thorns on the head. Some are in black and white; others are in colour.

Jesus arm tattoo

The portraits of Jesus are just too many to count.

Jesus is regarded highly by many Christians. For some of them, Jesus tattoos may represent faith, salvation or even forgiveness.

Jesus back tattoo

The Jesus tattoos may be signs of hope or a promise of many good things that will come.

There are people who witnessed violence and may have a Jesus tattoo to help remind them of the hope that they are longing for as the hardship is being endured.

Jesus arm tattoo

The reason is not known why Jesus tattoo is selected to become a permanent portrait on their skin and it is a very well-known tattoo piece of art.

Jesus is viewed as a significant man in history and for many people

Jesus and angel tattoo

He is considered as their savior.

For some, Jesus tattoos pay tribute to the sacrifices made and to his life.

There is always beauty in them for the sake of the pain from the needle and for art’s sake.