Joker Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Joker tattoos have been progressed for a new found popularity due to its latest film releases. But the joker’s portrayal is not considered a new thing.

Joker and cards tattoo

Such a character has always been portrayed in playing cards, Tarot cards, body art and paintings for many years now and is now considered a symbol of intrigue, eccentricity and innocence.

Joker arm tattoo

Lately one of the most well-known designs for joker tattoos is a character portrayal from the Batman series.

Even if some will make use of the latest incarnation, many people prefer to use the earlier actors.

Colourful joker tattoo

Generally such designs are done in the style of a portrait and display the red, broad and grin of Jack Nicholson that is sinister looking or even the green hair and the outrageously raised brow of Cesar Romero.

It is a little bit ordinary to see joker tattoos that feature the comic book and cartoon version of this character.

Joker hand tattoo

The Joker that very stylish always present a figure with broad shoulders in a purple suite, with hair that is coloured green and combed back from a face with sharp features with big grimacing teeth and menacing eyes.

Joker tattoo ideas in colour

There are many people who like more archaic joker tattoos.

The basis of the modern joker card is the Tarot symbol of “The Fool”.

This jolly figure is considered a new beginning symbol, even of optimism and bravery.

It is common to see one of the most familiar portrayals of this card in a yellow background with a white bright sun, a young man in loose clothes with a satchel while on top of an ocean cliff with a dog by his side.

Joker’s two faces tattoo

But there are many people who like the simple playing card joker.

Even if there are many differences, this card always displays a court jester with a hat that is pointed and a big grin, baton, and even a garland on each of the four suits.

Joker tattoos

Most of these look as if they were the actual playing card that is located across the skin.

But many people show the joker playing and leaping from every parts of the body.

Joker in card tattoo

The Joker tattoos portray the winsome and whimsical creature. In general this is in the exact sense what the design really intends to represent.