Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The koi fish tattoos are such traditional tattoos representing good luck in the culture of the Japanese.

The whole idea behind this conviction originates from the determination of the real koi fish in nature.

Koi fish full sleeve tattoo

The koi fish should swim upstream for many miles to be able to produce offspring and be able to expand the number of species.

Japanese legend about the koi relates that if one of these fish types does well in going over on both the upstream river and in climbing the Dragon Gate falls on the Yellow River, it will then transform into a dragon magically.

Koi fish shoulder tattoo

The koi fish tattoos are not only a symbol of luck but they are also an ambition symbol in the midst of success, in life advancement and of adversity.

Koi fish with flowers tattoo

The koi fish tattoos may be worn by any persons desiring to symbolize the struggle that people go through the natural hardships and trials of the ocean of life, as in like the way the fish swims upstream.

Colourful koi fish tattoo

The koi fish tattoo looks cute and nice on the feet of women, shoulder blades, and wrists.

The tattoo’s traditional colour is golden orange but this may be altered to reflect the preferences of the wearer.

The koi fish tattoos are not the tattoo type that a person will put on their mid lower back.

Koi fish tattoo

This is an artistic symbolization of the success and struggle which should be displayed proudly, and does not have the sexual suggestion like in the lower back tattoos.

Koi fish back tattoo

Men as well as women may also wear the koi fish tattoos.

There are also male versions of the koi fish tattoo that portray the transformation of this mythic creature from the fish to the dragon.

Black and yellow koi fish tattoo

Full back spreads may be formed in following the quest and voyage of the koi fish on the process of transformation into the dragon at the Dragon Gate’s mouth on the Yellow River.

Men who are secured in their manliness may disregard the dragon aspect and just include the symbolism of one private koi fish tattoo.

Red koi fish tattoo

The celebrities are following the trend.

Charlize Theron together with her mother may have a good combination of koi fish tattoos.

They have the tattoos after the mother of Charlize effectively fought breast cancer to represent her fruitful struggle in the midst of adversity.