Ladybug Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The ladybug tattoos represents good luck worldwide since the ladybugs are a symbol of good luck.

But that is not the only the ladybug tattoos’ meaning. In France and England, the ladybug represents good weather.

Ladybug leg tattoo

In Sweden the ladybug is connected with looking for your one true love.

In other parts of Asia, it is known that the ladybug may understand the speech of humans as it has been blessed.

Ladybug with skull tattoo

Ladybug tattoos are surrounded by symbolism way back into the Middle Ages whenever the farmers refer to the ladybugs as “The Beetles of Our Lady” to refer to the Virgin Mary.

Ladybug neck tattoo

The ladybugs are very helpful to be able to control the population of the insects that are destroying the crops and the farmers believed then that the Virgin Mary sent the ladybugs.

Right now, many people are not aware that the ladybug tattoos may also be considered as a religious symbol like a holy cross.

Large ladybug foot tattoo

In a classic folklore, the ladybugs include beliefs and superstitions.

For instance, it is said that if a ladybug lands on a person, that same person will bear good luck.

Or if the hand of a married woman has a ladybug on it, the number of spots on the back of the ladybug will match with the number of children that she will bear.

Black and white ladybug tattoo

In addition, it is mentioned that if the hand of a sick person has a ladybug on it, it will heal the illness.

It is also known all over that if a person catches a ladybug, a wish should be made and the ladybug will really fulfil it.

Since the ladybugs have various symbols, no person is really sure what a particular person is conveying by obtaining a ladybug tattoo.

Realistic ladybug tattoo

Due to all these reasons, the ladybug tattoos became well-known.

There are many people who prefer a small and traditional design on the shoulder or on the ankle.

But there are many non-traditional and creative available ladybug tattoos.

For instance, it is not important to minimize the ladybug to the ordinary black spots and red wings.

Ladybug arm tattoo

It is possible after making a research on colours to make a more powerful symbol by obtaining one that has a combination of green with blue spots or other mixture of colours.

There are also other ladybug tattoos that portray the ladybug insect with other symbols of good luck like horseshoes or the four leaf clovers.

Some may include the name of a loved one or just plain text.

Ladybug revealing face tattoo

The ladybug tattoos are a famous luck and fortune symbol and remains still a well-known tattoo for many years from now.

Since it is that popular it doesn’t necessarily it is unique.

By making use of an imagination and doing some good amount of research, it is very easy to make a design that is really different from others.