Leo Tattoo Ideas & Designs

You don’t need to learn to be an astronomer to fully understand the significance of Leo tattoos.

According to the astrology charts, any person born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo.

The Leos are represented by the Leo and the Leos are distinguished as outspoken and outgoing.

Leo shoulder tattoo

They want to be the center of attention always and are considered as great friends.

The most common profession for a Leo is an actor or a musician in the entertainment industry.

They craved for the limelight and the drama.

The Leos are also gullible and may easily be taken advantage.

Leo constellation tattoo

The Leo tattoos are formed in various styles.

Some of the people like the more traditional style of Leo tattoos simply by obtaining the Leo’s glyph or the symbol of the Leo sign.

It looks like an upside down “u” or a snake with curls on both ends.

Black and white Leo with blue eyes tattoo

Other people prefer the lion tattoos to be a little different but express even the same thing.

There are different styles to select from and even different combinations.

The possibilities are limitless.

Leos are proud people and a tattoo is an outstanding method in expressing their pride.

Leo hand tattoo

The hearts, the sun or the flames are some of the well-known Leo tattoos.

Leo is a fire sign. Some of the people like their Leo tattoos to have flames.

In addition, Leos are romantics.

Since the Leos reside in the fifth house, hearts are a good selection.

Leo symbol tattoo

The rules of the fifth house prefer issues and the romantic Leos wear their so called hearts up on their sleeves.

The sun is the most significant planet in the sphere of Leos, so it may add up beautifully to your Leo tattoos.

Black and white Leo tattoo

Possible suggestions of the Leo tattoos is the Leo tattoo constellation of the stars on your body or maybe have the word Leo tattooed on your skin.

Leo thigh tattoo

Leo tattoos may also symbolize bravery.

If there is someone that went through a rough time or underwent a traumatic experience, lion tattoos would perfectly work.

The bigger the lion’s mane, the stronger and the braver the lion is.

Watercolour Leo tattoo

Leo tattoos are symbolic and beautiful.

These tattoos are really prominent depending on the size, design and placement.

As the Leos want to be noticed in a natural way, this will perfectly work out.