Leprechaun Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Leprechaun tattoos find their meaning in the love of all Irish things.

Some other examples are the Four Leaf Clover, the Harp and the Shamrocks.

But the wearer of the Leprechaun design would seek a little fun and mischief.

Leprechaun shoulder tattoo

In the Ireland history the Leprechauns were popular to run and raid the liquor and wine cabinets of houses thus having the name Clurichaun.

The Leprechaun tattoos are considered the “little people” symbol and are worn by the Irish Americans, slightly than the Irish natives.

Fighting Leprechaun tattoo

The Irish natives recognize that the Leprechaun tattoo is not Irish in an authentic sense and is plastic.

Even if the leprechauns are portions of the Irish history, they have transformed over several years and became Americanized slowly.

Leprechaun full back tattoo

However Irish Americans may feel that the Leprechaun tattoos show their heritage remembrances.

Leprechaun arm tattoo

There are many options for the design that will be chosen for a person looking for a Leprechaun tattoo.

They may be shown as jovial and light and at times with a pot of gold, a shamrock or a four leaf clover in the background.

Leprechaun upper arm tattoo

Most designs are clothed in suits with classic green.

However the people in Ireland like to get dressed traditionally wherein red was the common colour.

Leprechaun smoking pipe tattoo

The Leprechaun tattoos display a leprechaun doing a mischievous thing like flipping the bird, or dropping his pants or even brandishing a liquor bottle.

Leprechaun with a pint of Guinness

The Leprechaun tattoos may have phrases around or under them.

Example of these tattoos include the “Where da gold at?” and the “Luck of the Irish”.

There are many people who got the Leprechaun tattoos as their football team was the “Fighting Irish” of the Notre Dame wherein the mascot is a leprechaun.

Leprechaun Simpson tattoo

This specific Leprechaun tattoo is always displayed as the Leprechaun profile with his raised fist that is ready for a fight always.