Lettering Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Even if the symbols say a lot about something while keeping a certain mystery, at times being frank is better and with the beautiful languages present and the available typography, it is no wonder that lettering tattoos really play a part in the hearts of many body art enthusiasts.

Latin lettering back tattoo

The lettering tattoos may convey any items.

For example, you may view a short phrase or a word that is considered important to the tattoo wearer.

You may see the lyrics of a music or small quotes or long poetic verses.

But the most well-known for the script tattoos include the religious texts.

Lettering on fingers tattoo

Some include the bridged Bible passages, Taoist quotes, Buddhist prayers or text or even the Wiccan incantations.

The tattoo wearer may be a follower of a specific religion and the texts utilized may bring them a protection or peace feeling.

Arabic lettering tattoo

There is an infinite typography amount that may be utilized for the lettering tattoos. Included in these well-known tattoos are the Roman and bold gothic.

It is basic however cursive and flowery or it may be a bright and a lettering with the style of a graffiti.

Lettering sleeve tattoo

You may at times view lettering tattoos in different languages.

Included are the Chinese and Japanese kanji script, Greek, Hebrew and Indian or Tibetan scripts.

Hebrew lettering

Even if most of the lettering tattoos are very fundamental and the plain words are always present, there are many people who prefer to put them in an ornamental setting.

Such designs usually have flower and vine borders.

They are made of detailed art decorative fashion, a heavy Greek key, or a simple pattern made of laurel leaf.

Some people prefer to have symbols together with their script.

Kanji lettering

These are always quite straightforward and include items like roses and hearts, water and flames, insects, animals and even the stars.

But it is common to view the things that may seem unusual to the relaxed onlooker but very significant to the tattoo wearer.

Lettering on chest tattoo

There are many lettering tattoos who maintain the basic text but with a small change.

These tattoos may change the words to human or animals or the text may be converted to a pattern that is like a puzzle, or a spiral.

They are viewed from the rose stems or water from the waterfall to become a big group of words.

Sanskrit lettering tattoo

With the corresponding amount of thoughtful written words that lingered for many years already, the script tattoo type may tend to be very extraordinary.