Lily Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The lily tattoos have various meanings.

The white petals signify purity and innocence while the pink blooms that are spotted may mean sensuality.

Lightly coloured lily tattoo

The orange petals mean passion. In some of the cultures, the shape of the flower means carnal love.

In some other religions the lily is viewed as a devotion symbol to dogmatic faith.

Colourful lily tattoo

The lily tattoos are always really simple and present a small group of a specific flower.

There are many available varieties with many colours and types to select from.

The stargazer lily and the white lily are two of the most well-known among this flora.

Lily back shoulder tattoo

Even if they look very different, they are part of the exclusive as the liliaceae family’s part.

The white lily has the tendency to bloom largely with petals that are velvety and soft with slender and tall green stalks and linear leaves.

Lily bicep tattoo

The stargazer has colours that are bolder.

The petals’ edges are formed in a straight line by using a bright white spots.

There are also red and pink shade spots.

Another option that is interesting is the alpine lily wherein it is one of the smaller plants.

It sports generally a bright orange colour with brown or purple spots at the midpoint.

Lily and hummingbird tattoo

There are many lily tattoos that present other symbolism as well.

Some of the most ordinary symbols are of the religious type.

For instance, a package of white lilies may be put into the Virgin Mary’s arms or at Jesus’ feet or the flowers may go around a cross.

Lily and geometric shapes tattoo

Other symbols that are utilized regularly in lily tattoos are bursting flames from the fire lily’s stems which is hanging unsteadily from the bird’s mouth or feline or a fantasy creature like the dragon with a tightly wrapped barbed wire around the stalk.

Lily held by a skeleton tattoo

Even if the major designs are simply done in full colour, some of the lily tattoos are completed in interesting patterns and in more tones that are muted.

For example, the flowers may interlace together to be able to form a heart or a Celtic knot or just a simple pattern of scroll work.

The flowers may be bundled also in different shades of black, white and grey.

Lily and butterfly tattoo

The lilies have the tendency to have various meanings.

But they are such a unique choice for their aesthetic style and beauty.