Lion Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Lion tattoos’ majestic beauty is certainly unique.

The Lion tattoos have always represented the majesty and power of the big cats.

Lion and clock tattoo

In astrology the Lion is the Leo’s symbol and goes together with the Sun’s power and glory.

Lion chest tattoo

Lion tattoos may represent death and life, rebirth and perseverance as well.

From their big manes going down to the powerful sharp claws, you may really not be wrong in selecting lion tattoos.

Geometric lion tattoo

You may always spend time looking online or going through some National Geographic at the library to be able to see many different big lions’ pictures in their natural habitats.

It is best that you select a lion tattoo that displays the lion performing what it does best.

Lion tattoo ideas

You may select from many other ideas whether it is gently resting in the breeze of the golden grass’ tall blades or forcing its prey to submit and tear at its flesh, you may select from many other ideas.

Ensure to look at many lion tattoos before you make a decision.

Lion king tattoo

The lion tattoos have always been well-known ideas for a long period already.

You may find it easy to obtain an idea of what needs to be done by limiting yourself to only a few local tattoo parlors or by searching online.

Lion shoulder tattoo

Since the lion tattoos are so well-known, there are many tattoo artist that are cultures that spends lots of time indulging themselves into the art of illustrating lions.

You may look through their crazy and creative artist some lion cartoon renditions or you may look at some of the more realistic sketches of these bold beautiful art.

Tribal lion tattoo

The lions are not usually easy to confine in the tattoo art so you will not go away from having to pay the price of a tattoo artist that is well experienced.

Roaring lion tattoo

They have many other fine details that cannot be wandered away from if you really want your tattoo to look like majestic and fierce.

Also ensure to always be ready to be in the tattoo parlor for a long while as the lion tattoos have the tendency to take some time.