Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are different methods that you may form the live laugh love tattoos.

However the significance is really clear.

Such tattoos are often utilized by those people who have an obsession for life whether it is a newly found joy or a passion that is lifelong.

These tattoos signify the true happiness that life has to offer.

Live laugh love ribs tattoo

The most well-known style for these tattoos is just making use of simple words.

These are done in different fonts. However the most common is the flowing, long cursive. You may also view it in block letters in bold or in bulky gothic.

Live the life you love… tattoo

Some people may select a less traditional way for this design and make use of Greek or Hebrew or kanji script.

You may also view these words done in Italian, French, Latin or any romantic languages.

Celtic triple spiral tattoo

At times these tattoos portray the symbols instead of words.

There are many symbols indicating all these three words.

There is the Egyptian ankh, and the Celtic triple spiral and the seeds of each group representing life.

The Native Americans view others as laughter symbols.

Ankh tattoo

The small smiling faces and comedy masks represent laughter.

And lastly, the love symbols are the most prosperous.

You may use the traditional red roses and hearts or you may try items that are less conventional like the triangles wherein the teaching of Buddhism represents love invocation, or the Berkano, Kenaz, or Ingwaz runes that are representing different love types.

Live laugh love back tattoo

Some of the people like to tackle a most unique approach on the worded versions of these tattoos.

These portray the words in simple and clear English.

Live laugh love chest tattoo

But the words may be randomly placed all over the body or may be interconnected in spiral patterns or in vines and may be covered with flowers or put in blocks that are like puzzles.

Even if there are many who prefer to utilize the plain block letters or cursive, some prefer to utilize the heavy calligraphy styles.

Love the life you live side tattoo

Other appears being written on skin in a relaxed manner of handwriting.

Some of the people also prefer to make use of letters that are big enough to put pictures within them like the portraits of flowers, or loved ones, or animals.

Live laugh love wrist tattoo

There are many other reasons why a person obtains the live laugh love tattoos.

One this is sure that this not so complicated saying becomes a motto for those people who like life and wants both good and bad experiences fully.