Lotus Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are many lotus tattoos that follow the deep representation done in the beliefs of Buddhists with the head looking up going to the heavens and the feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Realistic lotus tattoo

Each of the petals shows the existence of man’s struggle and the midpoint signifies the enlightenment and the balance that each human struggles for.

The lotus tattoos may symbolize growing strong and beautiful from a situation that is unfavorable.

Lotus upper arm tattoo

There is a big deal of mythology that envelope the lotus flower.

It is mentioned in some stories that it symbolizes creation.

One fabulous portrayal is the sun’s myth coming from the flower’s petals that is recently opened.

Watercolour lotus tattoo

You may also use the Egyptian symbol of the blue lotus opening and going up from the water during sunrise.

You may utilize for a more ornamental piece the story of the Indian about the goddess Laxmi repleting through the lotus’ petals.

This may be placed on the Vishnu’s forehead.

Black and white lotus tattoo

The lotus tattoos may be simple. But they may also present detailed designs.

One appealing idea is to portray the seven chakras of the Kundalini’s practice.

Each chakra is connected with one of the five elements including space and either enlightenment or consciousness.

Lotus back tattoo

Each of the chakra displays a lotus flower with its very own colour and in a diverse state bloom.

For instance, the Muladhara chakra has just four unfolded petals and is in shade of crimson.

Lotus ankle tattoo

The Visuddha has sixteen petals and is of purple shade.

Such flowers may be located in their respective areas for example.

The Manipur chakra may be located on the lower abdomen while the Svadhisthana may be located on the pelvis.

Blue lotus tattoo

The lotus tattoos always portray the flower just by itself in its most natural way.

Some of the tattoos portray the lotus coming out of the muddy area.

It may also be presented peacefully floating in a pool of water with bugs or birds flying all over the bud.

Geometric lotus tattoo

Some of the people prefer the realistic image, and be able to have extra elements be added like the stars, fire or light beams that is coming through the petals.

The lotus is viewed in various ways. It may be considered as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, as a peaceful symbol or even just a beautiful figure.