Love Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The love tattoos are utilized on a regular basis to be able to portray the feelings that the tattoo wearer feels for a specific individual.

Father and child love tattoo

This person may be your special someone, or your child or a family member.

The love tattoos means a particular fascination that a person has with the sensual and strong emotion of love and every feeling that goes with it.

Jelly and peanut butter love tattoo

When the love tattoos are intended to display the emotions that a person has towards a particular person, they may utilize an image in portrait size, always with printed names and dates on a banner or just a circle on the face.

Love couple tattoos

A wreath of roses may also be there as a symbol of modern romantic love, or the aster to symbolize delicate, sweet love and bluebell as the symbol for everlasting love.

Other symbols utilized for this design may be fire to be able to indicate passion, or bold circles to display the limitless nature of the particular relationship and the hearts figure.

Love finger tattoo

Some of the love tattoos take a more general direction and are normally just the symbols like the lips, hearts or the kanji script.

At times these images are combined altogether.

Love ribs tattoo

Some examples are the two swans holding together their beaks thus forming the shape of a heart.

Another interesting option is to put the opals or small flowers to symbolize hope and love within the open areas of the love knot of Celtic.

Celtic love tattoo

The love tattoos do not always consist of simple portraits and symbols.

You may form an interesting design by considering the wearer’s profile and the loved one and combining them together.

Mickey and Minnie love tattoo

Such a design may take the route of the symbol in an easy manner and form it into a heart shape or bring to the center a big blooming rose.

This style may also present dates and names together with stories, quotes or even poems of significant importance.

Lions couple love tattoo

Another idea is for the couple to be connected by embracing together and having themselves surrounded by rings or even purple, red or white ribbon.

Even if the love tattoos are utilized generally by a person who is really in love, it is ordinary for a person to have the idea of having a mysterious and powerful emotion, thus expressing it as a bold and lasting love which should be the case.