Lower Back Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The lower back tattoos sometime in the latter 1990s became the fad as the location is one of the sexiest and the feminine parts of the female body.

It gives you the choice of making it as secret as possible dressed in a conservative style or showing it in a casual style like the jeans that are hip-hugger or the crop shirt.

Lower back henna tattoo

The well-known V shape that most of the tattoo on the lower back shows gives of the art balance and flatters the curve shape of the body of a woman.

The display of the lower back is regarded as a method for a woman to show off her sex appeal and confidence.

Lower back butterfly lion tattoo

If you add lower back tattoos it further emphasizes the effect thus making the lower back a perfect place in displaying the art expressing the sensual qualities and secret of the personality of a woman.

In some religions, the lower back is said to be Kundalini’s residence or the coiled energy and in the Shakti, this is considered as the universe’ female aspect.

Both beliefs are more than enough reasons that the lower back is such a wonderful place to display a special tattoo.

Lower back roses tattoo

Regarding lower back tattoos or other tattoos, the meaning behind the actual art should be considered or if you are searching for something to state your personal style.

If the meaning is significant to you, here are some of the suggestions to assist you in making the selection of design process simpler.

Lower back butterfly tattoo

The flowering lotus is one of the most well-known designs for the lower back tattoos.

With the flowers, the pods and the puds, the design symbolizes the present, the past and the future.

The lotus should be included with a tribal design or a Sanskrit.

The flower symbolizes your personal style while forming a tattoo that is balanced and symmetrical.

Lower back tribal tattoo

The Kundalini pertains to the inner snake like energy in yoga.

The snakes is a perfect selection for the lower back tattoos.

Another method in stating your energy within may be a design that incorporates the Minoin snake goddess.

The design emanates both feminity and strength statement whenever it is centered and then combined with rolled up vines.

Half hidden lower back tattoo

If you are searching for a design that is an image without frames, the eagle presentation with wings spread is an example that suits this request.

The extensive wingspan maintains the desirable V shape that is so well-known for the lower back tattoos and the eagle symbolizes the desire and the courage to discover the unknown thus this image is such a definite choice for the daring and independent woman.

Lower back stars tattoo

The size should also be considered in planning the lower back tattoos.

Just take into account the image type that you selected and how daring a statement you like to make.

The designs with plenty of colour are much bolder as compared with the grey scale so you may prefer to select a size that is a little bit smaller to be able to avoid the possibility of the tattoo being overbearing.

Lower back henna tattoo

Be careful when you select a design that is very small as the appearance of your back may have the possibility of being widen.

It is your own personal decision. It is your very own money and decision on what is really right for you when selecting many option for the lower back tattoos.