Maori Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Maori tattoos in a traditional way were engraved into the skin utilizing a small instrument that is made up of albatross bone and the careful planning took months to finish.

Men of high rank ordinarily have them.

Maori back shoulder and sleeve tattoo

The tattooed women were permitted only to have designs on their chin, lips and nostrils.

But the process of Ta Moko nowadays has become one of the most well-known tribal styles of tattooing.

The designs that are related with Maori tattoos have a significant appeal that is aesthetic.

Traditional Maori face tattoo

However to many people they signify more than that.

They are usually utilized to symbolize cultural identity and the designs that are utilized may symbolize items like history, genealogy or even beauty wherein the blue shaded and full lips were considered as the ideal female Maori beauty.

Female Maori tattoo

The modern day Maori tattoos moved from the face location to the body most especially in the west.

The twining spiral designs that were previously located near the cheeks or ears are now located along the legs or arms.

Maori head tattoo

But there are many Maori people who found some exact duplicate replicas of their art insulting.

For this reason, there are many people who are not associated with the Maoris like to utilize the designs that are inspired from these traditional styles but not taken directly from it.

Maori chest and shoulder tattoo

One method to have the Maori tattoos separated and what could be an insulting rendition in the western way is to utilize the spirals in a striking way to form other symbols.

Maori turtle tattoo

For example, you may make a squared version instead of utilizing the graceful and rounded spirals and to be able to form an interesting pattern like a puzzle.

You may also make use of heavy lines and form a scene of clouds, waves, billowing winds or fire.

There are many people who prefer to include the dark blue shades and reds into the designs.

Maori shoulder tattoo

They will utilize the yellow and orange occasionally too if their patterns have items like moon, sun or the stars.

The metallic colours are utilized generally to make weapon designs like the swords, throwing stars or the complex knives.

The purple and burgundy may be utilized for different spiraling flower blossoms.

Maori face tattoo

With the intricate beauty of these designs, it may be enticing to be involved into this art style.

However it is significant to bear in mind that they have an important meaning to the Maori people.

The tattooing process is regarded as a sacred action and should be respected like any other cultural symbol.