Mermaid Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The mermaid tattoos are well-known among men and women alike.

The sailors were the very first to have these tattoos.

Since then they have become well-known with women as because of the symbolization.

Sexy mermaid tattoo

They ordinarily symbolize a strong female energy as they were depicted as appealing figures that usually direct the sailors to their end.

They are also closely related with the sirens that attracted the sailors with their charming voices.

Watercolour mermaid tattoo

The colourful images coming from the mermaid mythology may direct to other very interesting tattoos.

One of the most well-known designs for this style is the pin-up mermaid.

She is full of curves and is always viewed with a sensual innocent look.

Scary mermaid tattoo

In this style, the mermaid may be put in the classic setting like resting on a rock and combing her long, shiny hair or other such nautical scene.

It is an ordinary to view this type of mermaid hanging on to an anchor or wrapped in seaweed in a seductive manner.

Colourful mermaid legs tattoo

Making use of the monotone colours in mermaid tattoos may also form a look that is interesting.

These tattoos with an almost tribal style will usually have only the mermaid’s sharp outlines always appearing with outstretched arms, or being suspended in water or the hair is flowing above her head.

Indian mermaid tattoo

It is not an ordinary thing to view mermaid tattoos styles like a Geisha or like an Indian goddesses given the fact that the mermaid mythology even expands to Asian countries too.

These tattoos like the style of pin-up portray a sensual woman-like creature image in a fluid movement.

Mermaid kissing diver tattoo

But a majority number of mermaid tattoos are portrayed like in a fantasy.

The colours appeared soft and bright or even vivid and dark.

They are displayed resting in the ocean, relating with their friend creatures from the sea or playing an instrument like the harp.

Mermaid shoulder tattoo

Some of the people prefer to combine mermaids with other fantasy creatures like the dragons, demons, fairies and elves.

Some will also include star symbols, children and flowers into their designs.

An interesting idea is the Wiccan mermaid who symbolizes the strength of womanhood as a whole, not just the mermaid’s sensuality and is enveloped by earthy symbols.

Zombie mermaid tattoo

Most of the women make a decision to obtain mermaid tattoos whether they are viewed as a powerful incarnation of a goddess or as a sexy pin-up to symbolize empowerment as an embracement of their capabilities, their strength and their beauty.

Many men still appeals to them for their beauty, and mystery and even the same enhancement that held the sailors many centuries ago.